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Stepping Up To The Plate

As a Pastor you are called to an accountabiltiy for the sheep, God has asked you to take care of them... Learn how in this book.

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FINANCES. What We Believe

You Never Have to be Afraid of Spiritual Warfare

There are two extremes in the Body of Christ. Those that are afraid to tangle with spiritual warfare and those that dive into it unled. What you will find in these teachings is a balanced, practical view on the truth of engaging in spiritual warfare.

Whether you have been born again for many years or just yesterday, as a blood-bought child of God you have authority over the enemy. However before you engage in some random demonic "butt-kicking" take time to know your enemy and how to engage him in warfare.

Not even in the natural will a president go into war without knowing his cause and his enemy. The same rings true in the spiritual realm.

Here are some of the powerful truths you will discover about spiritual Warfare

1. Know and stand in your authority in Christ.
2. Why the blood of Christ is so effective.
3. How to approach warfare
4. Dealing with generational curses
5. The enemy is defeated! You just need to stand on the truth
6. Every believer is capable of dealing with demons!

Along with the teachings on prayer and the anointing, each study here will empower you to overcome in every area of your life. Whether you are struggling with generational curses, sickness or poverty, you have the authority in the name of Jesus to overcome!

Some of the best teachings that we can point you to in addition to these powerful studies are:

The Stain of Sin - Overcoming Curses

What is a stain of sin? A stain of sin is when the enemy gets inside your wall and starts rampaging. Next thing you know, you are sick, things are breaking, and you lose favor in everything you do.

Learn how to remove the stain of sin from your life!

Tearing Down Strongholds - Removing Satan's Power

Aren't you sick of having the enemy in your business, in your ministry, in your home, in your finances and in all these other places that he has crept in?

I've got news for you... there is a secret to removing satan's power in your life. What exactly is that secret?


Spiritual Warfare - The Rules of Engagement

Let's stop just talking about this earth belonging to the Lord and to us. It is time to physically see the kingdoms and systems of this world fall into the hands of the Father.

How is this going to happen? How are we going to get the enemy out of the systems of this world? That is what you will learn in this teaching.