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What Does a Ministry Center Look Like?

Planning a Visit? What to Expect

Expenses and the Whole "Money Thing."

What Does a Ministry Center Look Like?

When God calls you, He does not call just one part of your life - rather He calls ALL of you to fulfill His purpose for your life. This involves your ministry, your personal life and your work.

At the AMI Ministry center we have successfully brought all three roads into one perfect blend. A Ministry Center is a place where:

1. We Do Ministry

Many folks ask us, "When do you hold your meetings?"

To which we answer, "Would you like to have one now?"

A ministry center is not a place where we hold meetings just once a week. No, ministry happens all through the day. Whether it is the prophets standing "on the wall" in the prayer room, a few folks worshiping in the meeting hall or counsel being given in the lounge, ministry is always happening!

In fact I would have to say that the most profound times of ministry have taken place in our kitchen. Huddled around the coffee machine or kettle, the Lord has used relationships and circumstances to bring things up that need help.

In amongst the daily ministry, we do in fact hold different kinds of meetings. You can find out about these on our Meetings Page. From seminars, to meetings for singles, we hold a variety of meetings if you want something formal.

Most of our ministry though is done as visitors live with us at the center and receive training. Whether we are training up the Fivefold Ministers or simply encouraging new believers in their walk with the Lord, we train at all levels. Since 1st January 2012 we opened our ministry center for visitors and since have had people stay with us from all parts of the world. Visit our Visitor Page to see if you recognize someone you know.

We have a resident pastor couple on premises at all times that are available for ministry whenever you need it. Our ultimate goal is to be open 24 hours a day for any need at any time. As God has increased us, this is becoming more possible.

The bottom line? A ministry center is a LIVING thing where ministry happens all of the time. The AMI Ministry team live, eat, minister and work at the center. Craig and I stay at this particular center as well on occasion to have meetings and train up those that God sends us.


2. We Work and do Business

Not only does The Ministry Team live at the center, but they work here too. It is where all our books and media are produced and if you call in an order, you can be sure they are taking that call in the office.

So if you hear children laughing in the background, the coffee machine going or the sudden boom of the drums coming through... rest assured that you have the right number. Our ministry is our business and our business is our ministry! In fact it is through the sales of materials and our student fees that we are able to pay for the center and feed the team.

Every single day our Bookshop Team is producing materials - yep, you heard me right... WE MAKE OUR OWN BOOKS!

From book binders to our faithful book cutter, we have everything right on premises. In fact when you order, you can know that every single book, CD or DVD has been prayed over by one of our staff.

If you sit close as the staff print, you will head them speaking blessing on whoever gets that book into their hands. We do not just work hard here, we see our work as our ministry. We do not just produce books or answer the phone... we minister to God's people and love them.

In everything we want you to know that you belong.


3. We have fun and cultivate relationships

Babies have taken their first steps and our children have celebrated their birthdays at the center. On weekends we hang out together or visit a local burger joint. On a Friday night you might spot us diving into fresh popcorn as we have a movie evening together. Saturday BBQ's and Sunday "baseball in the backyard" are what we do to chill out.

By sharing our lives together, we have learned to build relationships. Couples have learned to draw closer to one another and our singles have finally found in one another someone else that understands. Relationships are what make life precious and it is through cultivating these relationships that we can invite you to come and be a part of it.

As each one on the team pours out to the others, there is so much love to go around that we have an abundance for those that come for a season of ministry or training. Sometimes folks visit for a weekend and other times for a month. What they take away though is not only the ministry that they received, but the love as well. We want this to be a place where people feel a part of our family, because we know that healing comes through this kind of acceptance.

You will not find yourself on the outside looking in any longer. It does not matter where you have come from, what your nationality is or what your vision for ministry is - all are welcome.


Planning a visit? What to expect

Because we are so relaxed - ministry happens naturally. You can expect to be challenged though. Craig and I have only two expectations for anyone who wants to receive and they are:

1. That you are 100% committed to the Lord.

2. That you open your hearts to us.

If you are sold out for Jesus, then He will be able to change you. If your hearts are open when you come, then you can be sure that you received everything that you came for! You can expect people to "get into your space" and to make friends with you.

We like to have fun and be casual on weekends, but if we do something special or hold a meeting we like to dress nicely and make an effort. Because we eat together, we expect our guests to join us. In fact, it is around the dinner table that God does most of His work.

While you are with us, we expect you to join us in social activities and to help out with chores. There is always a lot of work to be done around the center from mowing the lawn to washing dishes. Everyone jumps in and helps in all things.


Expenses and That Whole "Money Thing"

Like I said before, we fund our center through the sales of materials and our students. Our partners are largely responsible for helping out with keeping our production going in the bookshop.

Our highest expenses each month are our utility bills and food. We literally ask the Lord for our daily bread each morning. Depending on what comes in through the day often depends on whether we can go grocery shopping for the team or not.

The Lord has been gracious though and often sends us people to not only meet our need but also to give us special gifts. On one occasion someone gave the team tickets to seaworld as a gift. It is not often we can afford to take the entire team out on social events like that, so it was a true blessing from God!

The Blessing Box

So when you visit us, look out for the blessing box and give as you are able. When we need to buy bread and milk for the day, that is where we take the money out. If we are able to invite you to live in the center with us for a few days, keep all of these expenses in mind.

We ask our visitors to contribute around $50 a day for basic food and utility expenses. This does not cover the many other expenses we face. We go to the Lord directly for our needs and do not make them public.

At the end of the day, Craig and I see ourselves as parents - pouring out to those that come. It is for the parent to give and not always take. So we do not ask for tithes and we do not pass around the "collection plate."

No, we believe in the New Testament Church kind of giving.

Acts 4:32 And the multitude of those that believed were of one heart and of one soul: neither did any of them say that any of the things which he possessed was his own; but they had all things in common. (AMIV)

We believe that if we have sown into you spiritual things, that it is not too much to expect from you the natural things.

1 Corinthians 9:11 If we have sown to you spiritual things, [is it] a great thing if we should reap your fleshly things? (AMIV)

We hold nothing back to those that come to us. So it is not too much to ask that you also give with boldness in return.

We live by faith and when you join us, you will be living by faith as well. Together, we will see God work miracles in your life as you rise up in all that He has for you!