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FINANCES. What We Believe

Ministers, Brothers, Sisters, Mothers and Fathers... a Ministry Team With a Difference

Because the ministry team not only minister together but live in the same center, they are more than just a team... they are a family. When you join us for a meeting or for a longer period of training, expect to be embraced!

Each one of these incredible men and women of God are here to give you what God intends. They are here to give you encouragement, the anointing and God's plan for your life. Above all though, they are here to remind you - that you belong.

The list below changes from time to time depending on ministry trips and if the Lord wants them to help out in one of our International Ministry Centers. At the moment though, here are the Ministers that you can expect to meet when you visit.

The Toach Family

Apostles Craig and Colette Toach

Although not resident at the center permanently, Craig and Colette do stay for a season at a time, depending on how many guests we have. To know more about them, you only need to visit our various divisions. Their books, videos and personal ministry speaks for themselves.

They are the parents of 4 natural children and a dozen spiritual children. Their natural children are Deborah-Anne, Jessica, Rebekah (Ruby) and Michael (The toddler of the family).

As spiritual parents they are there to pour into their team at all times. From natural needs to spiritual ones, everyone in the team is welcome to knock on their door at any time. What most people see from the materials and the pulpit is a tiny part of the job they really do. Their hearts and main efforts go into raising up the priceless gems that God has sent to them.

Jessica and Deborah-Anne Toach

These are the two eldest daughters of Craig and Colette and are actively involved in the ministry. From helping out online with correspondence they also contribute to the singles weekly meetings and encourage everyone that comes.

Along with Rebekah Toach (youngest daughter of Craig and Colette) their most outstanding gift is the effect they have on kids and teens their age and younger. With a flare for embracing the "black sheep" in any group, their greatest contribution of the team is how they make people feel accepted and loved. Any teen or kid that attends means that they just found a new best friend!

As a result they have built close and lasting relationships with others their age from all over the world.

The Jordan Family

Apostle Ronald Jordan

Overseeing the production of all of our materials, Ronald has been with us since 1999. When Craig and Colette are not at the center he and Denise take the lead as our resident pastors. When there is a need - whether natural or spiritual - they are there to make sure that it is taken care of.

Through close contact with Craig and Colette, they give their lives and hearts to those that come. The Lord uses Ronald in counseling and mentorship. Each of the team that has signed up has been trained by he or Denise first before they get more training from Craig and Colette.

To use the words of Apostle Colette, "The standard of this ministry will remain the same - if someone is unable to receive from my team - then they will be unable to receive from me either."

Because each minister has been mentored in this way, the same anointing and ability that is on Craig and Colette is on them too. This is especially true of Ronald who not only stands in the fullness of Apostolic Office but is to Apostle Colette as Aaron was to Moses.

Denise Jordan

A true trainer at heart, Denise has been largely responsible for training the prophets under Apostle Colette. In addition to that, she coordinates the office, develops relationships with our customers and partners and still has time to minister to the needs of those that call in. If you had to ask any of the team what the first word was that came to them when you think of Denise, it would be, "Servanthood!"

In addition to that, she is also a bold leader that gives others a place of rest and security. Before you visit us, it is likely that you have been in touch with her at one time or another. Together with Ron, she is a fireball for the Lord and she will convict and challenge you on every level!

The Faes Family

Tom and Raquel

With a toddler hanging on her skirt, Raquel still manages to minister, ensure that all dream interpretations are handled on the forum and that breakfast is on the table for the entire team. A day in her life is a true example of what a Pastor really is. Not only does she lead in her personal life, but her ministry life as well. Together with Tom, they are the ones that will make you feel at home.

Although Tom carries many duties around the center, he is the one that will be most interested in your story! With his expressive nature, his simple acceptance of you will make you feel that you belong.

Our Ministry Singles

Chaifa Thao

Chaifa originally signed up as a prophetic student, but after a prophetic seminar it was clear where God wanted her! So after packing her bags and leaving on a flight from Wisconsin, she has since become a vital part of this team.

A prophet by office, an evangelist by nature, but a Pastor by heart, she will convict and accept you all at the same time. Do not be swayed by her demure demeanor... a fire rages under that amiable smile. One of our ministry singles, she is a tremendous source of encouragement to the other singles. Although the Lord has promised her a true "David" that will have a heart unto God, she continues to press forward 100% for the Lord while she waits.

You would have heard Chaifa's voice or seen her name in print long before you visit. She inspires thousands with her words of encouragement and simple understanding of what it is like to keep going on for God.

Michele Kaster

Having first met us at the very first seminar that AMI (then GMR) ever held, she has kept in touch ever since. Originally from Oklahoma, she is now a vital part of this team. Also a ministry single, she knows God's promise for someone to serve God with, but continues to give her all to the Lord until then. A true amiable, her Pastor's heart will make you feel right at home.

Not only does she carry a heavy workload of responsibility online, but she jumps in with all the other ladies to carry the responsibilities at the center as well.

Fully grounded in the Word and full of life, she will leave a large gap in your life after you leave!

Nathan Barry

Our most recent addition to the team, Nathan first signed up as a student online. Like Chaifa, after meeting with Apostles Craig and Colette Toach at a seminar, he found the place where he belonged. Since then he has become an active part of the team and although he is still in the process of being trained himself, he adds a contagious life to the home.

Assisting in the singles meetings as well as helping Ronald carry the load of work at the center, he is quickly becoming a vital part of the team. With a heart for God, expect to be quietly challenged and inspired for God through him.