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Stepping Up To The Plate

As a Pastor you are called to an accountabiltiy for the sheep, God has asked you to take care of them... Learn how in this book.

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FINANCES. What We Believe

A Warm Welcome from the Resident Pastors

Nate and I open our hearts and arms to you…

Come on in and kick off your shoes - there is a cup of coffee… or tea, just waiting for you. Perhaps you have been following A.M.I. for years now or you have just stumbled upon us. However, it is very rare that somebody just “stumbles” upon us. Rather, the case is more so that the Lord led you here for the answers you've been seeking and to get clarity about the road you are on.

That is what we do here at the AMI San Diego Ministry Center. What burns in us is to help you fulfill your calling. If you need help to make sense of the road that you are on, we will shine a light. If you need hope, you will leave smiling from ear to ear. If you need a miracle, we will stand with you - because God can do all things. If you need training - this is our forte.

You will find that the AMI Team is not just a band of Fivefold Ministers, ready to lock and unlock spiritual doors before you, but they are spiritual siblings and a family, each one with a special gift from God, to you.

Our visitors are always delighted in discovering that this is not just a place where ministry takes place, but that it is also a very lived-in home – our home… and yours.

Our lounge is a place where relationships are forged. Our kitchen is the heart of the home and where oddly enough… the best of ministry happens. I cannot count how many times somebody has received inner healing by intending to make a cup of coffee. For more on that though, you will have to experience it for yourself.

Then there is the AMI Bookshop – That is where a lot of the production of our materials takes place – which Nate would gladly give you a tour of. Being the Bookshop Manager, he can show you how your favorite AMI books are produced.

Lastly there is the meeting hall – where pulpit ministry takes place and where our seminars are held. 

I have shared only a little bit, to whet your appetite, but if you would like a better picture, why not check out this video for a taste of Ministry Center life and what goes on around here.

And if you are in the area… why not schedule a visit? I would love to brew you a cup of coffee - or tea? How many sugars do you have?

To schedule a visit, check out the Visitors tab above.

AMI Ministry Center - Your Home Away From Home

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