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Pastors and prophets have always had a love/hate relationship. Come join us as Apostles Craig and Colette bring the two rivals together to form the ultimate dream team.

Discover "center life" up close and personal as you meet the team and discover their unconventional lifestyle.

The Prophetic Field Guide Series

Birthing, decreeing, releasing, appointing kings, prophets are always on the cutting edge, moving in line with the will of God - bringing heaven to earth!

Get your hands on this series and take your prophetic call to the next level!

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Today's Apostle (Book)

You, apostle, are the orchestrator of God's work, and your band is the fivefold ministry. You are called to lead them into harmony with the instruments and gifts that God has given them.

For it is your job to bring this band into line and find a place for each one.

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There is no greater life than the one we live in Christ. Many travel far and wide to find the peace they are looking for, but it is when you invite Jesus into your every day life that you find what you are looking for. We no longer have to be like Moses and climb a mountain before we can meet with the Lord. He is with us every moment of the day.

Well that in essence is the heart that beats in AMI Europe. We are nestled in the heart of Europe in Bern Switzerland. Surrounded by the Alps and their majestic landscape we open our hearts and center to believers all over the world.

Our vision is to take the principles we have and to make them alive in the daily lives of God's people. If you are in business - it should flourish! If you are a stay at home mom - your house should be a lighthouse in the darkness! Combining family, work and ministry our daily lives are blended with this essential truth: "Our greatest call is to those right in front of us!"

With a strong emphasis on blessed daily living and living out Christ every day of our lives, we work with every kind of believer. Starting with those that have just recently been born again to those with an apostolic calling and need training to walk it out.

Being a branch of Apostolic Movement International (AMI), this ministry center combines the international training method of AMI with a personality of our own. Whether you are resident in Europe or support us from one of our other international sites, we welcome you!

We welcome you to a glimpse of our lives as we live for Christ. Each team member of AMI Europe has a family and so our first focus has been to impart to our children and neighbors. From there the Lord has brought us believers from all over Europe who need a touch from the Lord.

Some stay for a day, others for weeks and months depending on their spiritual needs.

The AMI Europe Ministry Training Center

AMI Europe can be divided into two different functions:

1. The Halfway House

2. The Ministry Training Center

The Halfway House

Hosted by the Schär family the halfway house is a place of healing and pastoral care. With a heart for God's broken sheep Ueli and Esther have just what every believer needs to "feel like they belong." With a strong emphasis on the family, AMI has a passion to give the people of God a place where they feel like they have a place.

The Church is known as a family, yet we see a serious lack behind the four walls of your standard church building where people can truly feel like they belong in a world where they are a "peculiar people." At the halfway house you will arrive as an acquaintance and leave as family. Through the love and no-nonsense approach of the team, you will find family that will care, but also will not be afraid to tell you the truth.

The Ministry Training Center

With a passion to raise up the fivefold ministry, AMI Europe also offers training for those called to the Fivefold Ministry. We do this via two avenues. Firstly we use the fully equipped system of online training and then we offer follow up classes live at our center. Register with any of our mailing lists if you would like to get notifications of the next weekend school!

Where to From Here?

We have a host of free courses and e-mail lists that will give you just the fire you need for today! Included are some mailing lists in German. 

You can also connect with us on Facebook or give us a call.

In the Area?

Give us a call or write in to pay us a visit. We will also be announcing meetings on our "meetings" link for you to join us.


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